Presenting IncretiBowl - Instant Ramen Revolution under 100 calories!

A hectic day at work or an eventful day at school leave little time to prepare a thorough meal for oneself. Enter - Instant Ramen Noodles that changed how we snack! Just open the cup, mix, or add water and we’re good to go. In line with the trend, the global instant noodles market was valued at a whopping USD 51.6 Billion in 2021. Furthermore, it is expected to touch USD 81.8 Billion by 2029. But one glaring difficulty has always persisted - how healthy are these instant noodles? Well, the 300 calories inside them scream “not very!” This is where Well Lean comes in. Presenting the Incredible Shirataki Instant Noodles - IncretiBowl


But what makes Well Lean IncretiBowl truly incredible?


When there are hundreds of options in the market, one might be tempted to ask the above question. Finding the best Instant Ramen brand that works for you sorts out all major hassles and instant craving situations. So, why are we asking you to switch now? Well we have reasons, and we’d deep dive into each! Read on to be surprised: 


  1. For starters, we are made of substantially low calories, like 1/3rd of what you’re consuming!


We set out to make healthy food accessible and convenient for everyone; how could we leave Instant Ramen behind? IncretiBowl comes with a maximum of 100 calories and brings you the best of both worlds. Now, compare it with the > 300 calories that a regular instant ramen bowl contains. An IncretiBowl might just be the answer to your lifestyle concerns! 


Plus, imagine eating your favorite comfort snack multiple times a week and not gaining weight. Amazing, right? Check our most highly-recommended IncretiBowl flavor here! 


  1. These noodles are made of Konjac - rich in fiber and all things good.


Konjac is a plant found in Southeast parts of Asia and its root is rich in Glucomannan - a wondrous fiber. The noodles made from this plant are called Shirataki Noodles. Unlike common Instant Ramen cups, IncretiBowl makes you feel full for longer, with significantly fewer calories and major benefits to your gut health. 


People often call Konjac a miracle plant because of its high-fiber, digestion-friendly, probiotic, and weight-loss-friendly properties. Curious about how it accomplishes so much? Read all about Konjac and its benefits. 

  1. IncretiBowl helps you maintain your weight. 


You read that right. Imagine indulging in your favorite snack but without any guilt or the need to deny yourself the flavorful snack! With our thoughtful ingredient Konjac, you’d be able to easily manage your ideal weight while enjoying IncretiBowl. 


Konjac and Shirataki Noodles tend to make one feel fuller for longer periods. This means that you’d not only be cutting on the direct calories of regular Instant Noodles but also enjoying oodles of noodles with a satisfied and happy gut. 


In case you’re wondering, IncretiBowl comes in 3 distinct flavors - Yakisoba, Ginger Teriyaki, and Chicken Soup. Try all of these today, share your reviews with us, and enjoy 35% off on! 


With love, 

The Well Lean Team.