Well Lean Customer Service



What is Konjac?

What makes Well Lean Konjac noodles better than other Shirataki noodles?

Where can I buy Well Lean products?

Expecting Cold Weather in your Area?

Do you wholesale?

How is the product gluten free with oat fiber?

Why do some of my Konjac Noodles have spots on them?

Can I change my order, such as mailing address, after I have placed my order?

Where is Well Lean LLC based in?

Why does it says Product of PRC?

Where is my order confirmation email?

Shipping & Tracking

What is your shipping policy?

How do I track my order?

How do I find my tracking number?

Can I track my order through USPS?

What should I do if my package shows up as delivered but I cannot locate it?

Return and Refund

What is your return policy?

What should I do if there is a missing item among my order?