Healthy Instant Noodles Alternative: Well Lean IncretiBowl!

Instant Noodles have long been a favorite of Americans. Well, who could deny the convenience and the taste they bring to the table? The impact of these little bowls can be ascertained by the global market for Instant Noodles which was estimated at USD 31.1 Billion in 2020! However, is this bowl healthy for us? 

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A regular bowl of egg-based ramen noodles contains 188 calories per serving but most of us consume the whole bowl in one go. This makes the total calorie intake 371 (two servings). This might be a cause for concern for people who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle. But a healthier alternative exists and Well Lean is here to acquaint you with it! 

Instant Noodles Alternative: Konjac-based IncretiBowl!

What if you could have all the deliciousness of the Instant Noodles within 100 calories? Sounds dreamy, one might say. But with Well Lean’s incredible Instant Noodle bowls, it’s possible to find the best of both worlds. We’ve called it IncretiBowl, aptly for all its impeccable value propositions! 

These noodles are made of Konjac, a plant found in the Asian subcontinent. It is known for its high fiber content. Its root contains Glucomannan - a soluble fiber that controls insulin levels inside the bloodstream and helps in weight loss. Read all in detail about this miracle ingredient here!

It comes in three delicious flavors for your veritable cravings. You can choose from Yakisoba flavor, Ginger Teriyaki flavor, and Chicken flavor. 

All you need to do to enjoy this delicious bowl of happiness is: 

  1. Open the pack & drain the water
  2. Heat up the noodles
  3. Mix the sauce & Voila!

*You would need to add water for the chicken flavor after mixing the sauce.

Now that we’ve told you how to enjoy this scrumptious bowl, let’s tell you all about its health benefits. Here’s why you should prefer an IncretiBowl over a normal Instant Noodle cup! 

Regular Instant Noodles
Well Lean IncretiBowl
>300 calories per bowl
<101 calories per bowl
Don’t make you feel full
Makes you feel full for longer
Can’t improve digestion/bad for your gut
Good for your gut as Glucomannan is prebiotic
Can make you gain weight
Weight-loss friendly
Shouldn’t be consumed daily
Can easily be eaten anytime - 3 options to choose from
High in carbs
Low-carb & convenient option
Weight-loss friendly
Leads to Weight-gain

After knowing all about the incredible Instant Noodles from Well Lean, we’re certain that you’re curious! Satiate your taste buds and order your favorite flavor or choose from IncretiBowl’s variety pack. Join the Well Lean Way today. 

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