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Organic Well Lean Variety Pack

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🙌Low Calorie

🌾Low Carb

🙅‍♀️Fat Free

🍭Sugar Free

🍃Gluten Free


🥄High in Fiber - Drink adequate amount of water

 Nutrition Facts


Purified Water, Organic Konjac Flour, Organic Oat Fiber, Calcium Hydroxide (Food Grade Limewater)

Can’t decide what you want? Why not try our variety pack! You can make some yummy spaghetti and meatballs for your kids after school or make some mouthwatering chicken Alfredo using our fettuccini for yourself. One thing is for sure, no matter what it is you decide to make, satisfaction is guaranteed!*  💯

*sauces not included

Expecting Cold Weather in your Area? 🥶
If you your area is expecting extreme cold weather with temperatures that are below freezing please postpone your order until warmer weather arrives.  Extremely cold weather will cause the product to become inedible

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from light and heat. Do not freeze!

Best By Date: 7/08/2022

Preparation Instructions:
  1. Drain water from the packet
  2. Rinse well under running water
  3. Add to your desired sauce, soup, or stir fry. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Lisa Mann

Organic Well Lean Variety Pack

Kristi Richard
My new go to pasta!!!

Very good!! Easy to make and enjoy!!!

So happy to hear that it's your new go to pasta! We love to hear that and are grateful for your support. Thank you for your review and hope you have a great day <3

Karen Farber
Love the pasta! Great texture

Would love to be able to mix match different pasta in the variety pack

Thank you so much! We hear you loud and clear (: Our team is currently working on a solution to allow mix and matches. Stay tuned!

Jacq Mariano
Love this

Well packaged but I hope the box doesn’t get crumpled, I hope you could find a way to ship it in a bigger box. But we love the noodles, they’re so good!

Thank you so much for your review Jacq and we hear you (: Our team is working on finding solutions to better our shipping methods. Much love and let us know if you ever need anything!

William Long
I can finally eat pasta again

I have severe diabetes type 2 that I keep controlled with no flour or sugar in my diet. I had not had pasta generally for years and missed the dishes I used to make. But these noodles taste and feel like pasta to me and so now I can make my homemade alfredo recipes or have any kind of pasta dish again and I am very grateful for that. Rather than something reserved for rare ocassion, I can actually eat this every evening if I wanted and use it in my Asian cooking. I will keep ordering.

That is so lovely to hear! We understand the struggle of type 2 diabetes and are so happy that you found us with being able to eat pasta again <3 If you ever need anything let us know. Have a wonderful day William!