Well Lean Shirataki Rice Update

Hello everybody and happy Friday! Welcome back to the Well Lean Blog. We wanted to make this quick blog post to update you all on the status of our Well Lean Shirataki Rice.

As many of you may already know, we are currently sold out of Well Lean Rice on Amazon as well as our website. We are so happy with the feedback we got from it and the joy it brought to you all! Thank you all for being so supportive of us and our products!

We plan on restocking the Well Lean Rice as soon as possible! From the looks of it, that time seems to be around the spring. We will be sure to keep you all updated via social media as well as e-mail to provide you guys with specific details on dates and such.

So be sure you're subscribed to our WellLean.com e-mail listing to make sure you're getting the latest details on product information as well as any specials sales or coupons we may be having!

Thank you all for your support through this whole process and for sharing all the lovely keto dishes you've made with our Well Lean Rice! We can't wait to have it back in stock for you all. Have a great rest of your day and we hope you enjoy your weekend!

Much Love,

Well Lean LLC

Purchase Well Lean Product via our website WellLean.com!  


Purchase Well Lean Product via Amazon!

  1. 6 pack Original Noodle
  2. 6 pack Fettuccine
  3. 6 pack Variety (3 Noodle & 3 Fettuccine)
  4. 20 pack Variety (10 Noodle & 10 Fettuccine)

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