Well Lean Looks To Donate $10,000 Worth of Product To UCSD Food Pantry!

From Garage Entrepreneur to Rising Philanthropist: Young Well Lean Founder Announces Charitable Initiatives for Diabetics 

Phillip Duong, who was inspired to create Well Lean so that his diabetic mother could enjoy low-carb pasta, plans to make a large donation to UCSD Food Pantry in June of 2021 

San Diego, California, April 27, 2021 – Phillip Duong, the young entrepreneur who successfully built Well Lean, a $2M low-carb pasta company he launched as a college student working out of his parents’ garage, announced today that he will be donating a large amount of food to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Food Pantry this June.  

Duong and Well Lean will be donating $10,000 worth of Well Lean brand foods, including ready-to-eat pasta and rice.

As one of the fastest growing shirataki food companies in the country, Well Lean specializes in plant-based pastas and rice that have 5 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, a nutritional value suitable for diabetics who need to follow low-carb diets.  

“I’m extremely proud to announce our new focus on philanthropic efforts and giving back to the community, starting with the donation to the UCSD Food Pantry.” Said Duong. “Not only are we aiming to help diabetic food pantry students achieve a better quality of life through access to nutritious and enjoyable foods, but we also hope to serve as an example to young entrepreneurs out there who have a dream and a vision.” 

Just a few years ago, Duong set out to find a way for his diabetic mother to be able to enjoy foods like pasta and rice, a journey that led him to create Well Lean. As a first generation American whose parents did not have the opportunity to attend college, Duong says that it is important to him to serve as an example of what is possible to other young entrepreneurs.  

To find a healthier alternative to high carb pastas and rice, Duong started with a unique formulation based on extracting fiber from the konjac plant of East Asia. After many trials, Duong began making his own Shirataki-based recipes which later grew into Well Lean.

In addition to helping his diabetic mother through the development of his recipes, Duong also lost 50 pounds in one year through eating his own healthier low-carb recipes.

Today, the mission of Well Lean is to provide communities with delicious plant-based foods that help them to lead healthier lives. To learn more about Well Lean products and their on-going philanthropic efforts, visit the company website at www.welllean.com 

About Well Lean 

Well Lean began as a college student’s garage start-up and today is one of the fastest-growing shirataki food companies in the country.

We specialize in plant-based pastas and rice, uniquely formulating them to achieve only 5 calories and 2g carbs per serving.

We continue a path of rapid growth and expansion while always aiming to develop delicious and convenient alternatives to traditional pasta, rice, and sauces.

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