Planning on Ordering this Winter?

The days are getting shorter and colder, which means Winter is right around the corner! What sounds better than enjoying a nice warm bowl of ramen, or chicken noodle soup! Be sure to order your Well Lean product this Winter, so you can enjoy all of that yummy goodness while inside the comfort of your own home :) 

Sweater weather is in full effect, and the seasons are changing right before our very eyes! As refreshing as the change in weather has been, Winter is creeping around and that means colder weather conditions!

Listed below are details on the effects cold temperatures have on our products, as well as, Important Key steps for our customers to take in order to b Read on to learn more about these Key steps and how we aim to work TOGETHER through this changing weather :)

Autumn breeze will soon transition into Winter freeze! Before it does, we want to make you ALL are well prepared for the transition we will be looking to make this Winter!

Did you know?

  • Well Lean products are NOT to be frozen!
  • If frozen, the inner bag will damage and cause the product to become extremely dry, chewy, and inedible!
  • The Well Lean Team aims to help ALL of our customers by providing the knowledge necessary to 


It is no surprise that with Winter comes the cold. Some of you may already be experiencing temperatures below freezing! We are here to guide you through the best practices for ordering this Winter!

These steps below will help to ensure that your orders arrive in pristine condition! :)

Important Key Steps

  • Check the weather forecast in your area to make sure the weather conditions are ideal! :)
  • If the weather conditions look to be unbearable (close to or below freezing), we recommend postponing your order until warmer weather arrives
  •  Once safe weather conditions are confirmed, plan a date to order! Keeping in mind shipping typically takes anywhere from 1-3 days to be delivered.


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