Quick & Easy - Chicken Pad See Ew

Check out this chicken Pad See Ew (Pad si-io) recipe using our Well Lean Fettuccine! This dish was full of flavor and SO delicious๐Ÿ˜‹


โœ…2 packs of Well Lean Fettuccine

โœ…1 stock of broccoli, cut stem as well

โœ…3 tbs vegetable oil

โœ…2 garlic cloves, minced

โœ…1 chicken thigh, cut into small bite size pieces

โœ…2 eggs Sauce:

โœ…2 tbsp dark soy sauce

โœ…2 tbsp oyster sauce

โœ…2 tsp soy sauce (less sodium)

โœ…2 tsp white vinegar

โœ…2 tsp sugar OR alternative sweetener

โœ…2 tbsp water Preparation:

โœ…Cut broccoli and stems up

โœ…Mince garlic

โœ…Cut chicken thigh into bite size pieces

โœ…Add all ingredients for sauce into separate side bowl and mix all together, put to side for later use! .

Cooking steps:

1. Bring pan OR wok to medium/high heat and add vegetable oil + garlic

2. Let sizzle and stir for about 30 seconds

3. Add chicken to pan and cook

4. Once chicken is browned and cooked add broccoli

5. Stir/cook until broccoli has softened

6. Add eggs and stir until they scramble and are cooked all the way through

7. Plate all ingredients in pan/wok (chicken, broccoli, eggs) to the side for later use

8. Open and rinse your two packs of Well Lean fettuccine

9. Add fettuccine to pan/wok on medium heat and add sauce and stir!

10. Stir for about one minute and let sauce cover noodles

11. Add back in chicken, broccoli, and eggs and mix it all together!

12. Serve and enjoy! .

We hope you guys enjoy this recipe!ย  ๐Ÿ˜Š

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